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About Aiki!

Yaya Aiki! means “how is work?” Aiki! is a blog for working professionals. It offers quotes, articles and tips on HR trends and practices and tips on self development.  All these are delivered in a simple-to-follow language without the condescending use of HR jargons. Articles here have a focus on the Employer and employees across industries in developed and developing economies.

The self-development articles are written to bring business and organizational tips to readers in a lingo that clasps round the brain on first impact. It is an irrefutable statistic that we spend more than a third of our lives working, so our mission “To inspire an attitude and life style of effectiveness and efficiency outside the cubicle. ~

Submission of Articles and Quotes:

We welcome articles and quotes that fit our vision and represent best practice. You’ve got questions? Mail ‘em to poetree4mat[at]yahoo[dot]com.

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