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I QUIT! – 5 Reasons to Quit Your Job

Yaya aiki!

Just the other day, my friend (and a very good friend for sure) told me about his woes at work. You know the story: “…supervisor has undisclosed issues with everything I do…doesn’t even reciprocate daily/usual courtesies … Yeah, Sochi, it’s that bad!”. The story is familiar to many of us and to stretch the list of workplace woes, we have: changing corporate culture, threats or signs of bankruptcy, irreconcilable differences with co-workers and lack of substantial work benefits. I could go on and on but, by now, you should have caught my drift. These are signboards that point to the Exit, that it’s time to pull out that resignation letter template in your drawer (we all have one)

Here are a few good reasons to move to greener pasture or start looking for one, in any case:


In the words of Harvey MacKay, “Find something you love to do, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” Besides the ambrosia of an early morning coffee (caffeinated for me), the only other thing we love to wake up to is a job that makes us feel alive. Whatever our religious affiliations, the core of our existence is the pursuit of Purpose and our careers are supposed to be a clue to it. This is why nothing kills our morale more than a job that “takes” and never “gives.” When you find yourself dragging your feet to the office, it’s time for a change.


If you feel that your job role is not commensurate to your skill, it is a sure to quit. You find yourself scratching the surface of your true potential and skills. Your job involves filing documents and filling memo templates when your core competence is designing models and managing projects – you should make this known to your employer or supervisor so that more responsibilities may be assigned to you. However, if this doesn’t change, you should look out for better opportunities out there.


A change in an organization’s corporate culture can be discomfiting if you are not used to it or find it incompatible to what you are used to. Such changes that make your work environment stiff to your creativity and work flow can be daunting. If you were used to talking freely as to be on a first-name basis, it could be a big deal to now switch to a “Sir” or “Ma” relationship as dictated by a culture change. Another change that you need to consider is that which goes against your ethics. If you don’t believe in the manner that business is run, if integrity is being compromised, don’t wait to think about it, put in your paper.


Study has shown that we spend an average of 15-20% of our life in the workplace and maybe even more if we do more than 60 hours per week. It only goes without saying that we spend a substantial part of our lives with our co-workers and supervisors. This makes it imminent that we have a cordial working relationship with them. If your work environment is icy and stiff, it tells on our ability to bring out our best, hence, our productive comes to a steady decline. Same applies to your relationship with your supervisor. If you are constantly being micro-managed, it shows a lack of trust and this, in turn, bears on your morale. You don’t have to wait till your self-esteem is rolled into a ball and tossed in the trash. Take the walk!


No matter where you work, or even hope to work, it is important to look out for career advancement possibilities. If your present workplace is giving you false hope for promotions or rewards, the smart thing to do is to look for somewhere else to employ your talent and skill. Redundancy is the thief of time, same as procrastination.

You can help add to this list.

Lafia! (Well Wishes!)

“Find something you love to do, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” – Harvey MacKay


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8 thoughts on “I QUIT! – 5 Reasons to Quit Your Job

  1. pelumini on said:

    Yee … nice one. Just that we must remember the sequence : Prepare->Ready? (if yes)-> Quit! Not the other way round.

  2. This is a great article, very insightful. I’d say these are as good reasons as any to also look at creating entrepreneurial opportunities. Sometimes even when you get another job it may not meet your expectations and it all becomes a vicious cycle. Keep doing the same thing and you will most likely get the same results. the problem in most cases is not the job or the people. Its the self settling for something that does not equal their abilities and possibly no amount of job changing will fix it. A career change is another option that may help in this case.Most people work in jobs that were the last option (hence the settling) because they needed on at that moment and whatever was their choice of study for example had no available opportunities at the time and now you’re stuck. But you can only work for money for so long and as Maslow’s heirachy of needs indicates amongst other theorists. Ulimately the need for self-actualization (I sometimes call it self- gratification) must surfaces. And I think it is at this point that you start to feel like the paycheck at the end of the month just doesn’t even begin to cover the amount of energy you have to exert over the most minuscule of tasks. I actually thought this was gonna be a one liner and instead its almost a post. LOL

  3. nj okoye on said:

    This is good Sochi. Guess the lucky ones find themselves doing what they’ve always wanted to do and in a very good working environment, while the unlucky ones don’t. For those that find themselves in the latter category – after countless job changes and still not getting the satisfaction you desire, should look deep down into themselves, overcome that fear of uncertainty and unleash that enterpreneurial skill just like Wendy said.

  4. ursulla on said:

    good point…welll thought out…but u know the problem most of us have with quitting..the fear of the unknown.

    • resignedtoit on said:

      I agree, but there does come a point when the job just gets so bad that the unknown is preferable. I reached that point a month ago and am at the starting point of my leap into the unknown – and guess what, now it’s done, it’s really exhilarating – I feel great!

  5. Well done Sochi,
    The challenge to most people is lack of drive for mobility, socio-economic prowess, based on fragmented ideological inexplicable. I believe the theories propounded are seemingly the least, may be classified as incomplete; as issues to these abound; due to daily sophistication of Man’s desire. some resigned to fate, while others are on transit.
    I commend and challenge you to look far-beyond and dig for those issues outside the theory of Maslow. The sky would be your limit.

  6. Wonderful quote. You’re right. We spend so much of our day at work that it’s imperative that we enjoy being there and that we get along with those around us. Otherwise, it’s misery from one day to the next.

  7. Ehi on said:

    This blog to me is like chicken and Christmas day

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