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Welcome to AIKI!

"Yaya Aiki" is a genial greeting which means in Hausa, "How is work?"

Welcome to our very own Human Resources and Personal Development blog. A build up from witty but impactful tweets and BBM broadcasts over time.

It offers quotes, articles and tips on HR trends and practices and tips on self development.  All these are delivered in a simple-to-follow language without the condescending use of HR jargons. Articles here have a focus on the Employer and employees across industries in developed and developing economies.

The self-development articles are written to bring business and organizational tips to readers in a lingo that clasps round the brain on first impact. It is an irrefutable statistic that we spend more than a third of our lives working, so our mission “To inspire an attitude and life style of effectiveness and efficiency outside the cubicle. ~

“Yaya Aiki” is a genial greeting which means in Hausa, “How is work?”


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3 thoughts on “Welcome to AIKI!

  1. Funmi Dee on said:

    Interesting… can’t wait for your posts

  2. it’s inspiring, directional, motivating and productive. thank you!

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